Seasonal Service Reductions?

Several people at the TTC must be asleep at the switch these days.  Imagine my surprise to see at Broadview Station a brand new poster advertising “seasonal service reductions” for the summer starting September 4.  Obviously, someone has changed the banner date on an earlier poster but not bothered to fix the text.

These posters were printed.  These posters were installed.

Does anyone at the TTC read them?  This may explain, indeed, why so much out of date bilge is left on the walls of our stations.

It is bad enough that the TTC does not take the simple step of printing “remove after xxx” on their posters, but when they put up signs that are just plain wrong, one senses that a remedial reading course is in order.

At times when we have people calling for quick fixes by simply cutting wages and firing staff, gaffes like this give the TTC’s critics the sort of ammunition they need.