How Do We Wait?

I have received a request for assistance with research on how transit systems make passengers wait.


I’m a researcher at the Institute of Railway Studies at the University of York in England, and I’m looking at the way transport systems force people to wait.  A lot of your comments about Toronto are interesting, but not specific enough for me to use.  If anyone wants to find their views about waiting in line, fat fares, smart cards etc incorporated in research please contact me.  My research e mail address is

If you want information about England (or Belgium) in return I’m happy to trade.

David Stewart-David

Transit Priority on King at Community Council

The King Car will be up for discussion at Toronto & East York Community Council next Monday (September 10), just two days before the TTC itself meets to decide what may happen with fares and service in 2008.  Item TE8.41 on the agenda includes both the TTC’s original request which was met with some considerable opposition by area merchants and some counterproposals that were tabled for discussion (item TE8.41a).

These proposals, viewed jointly with the work I have done analyzing operations in the route, raise a number of questions. Continue reading