“Doors Open” at the TTC

Doors Open Toronto is coming up this weekend, and there are two TTC sites open for visitors.

Lower Bay Station

Lower Bay recently had weekend subway service during the diversion around tunnel repairs between Bay and St. George Stations, and it will be open for walking visitors on Saturday, May 26 from noon to 3:00 pm.  Note that this site is not accessible as there are no working escalators to the lower level.

Here is a note from the TTC with the details:

Entry into Bay Lower station will be from inside Bay Station – we will have volunteers and security staff guiding people into Bay Lower from the collector’s level.  As there are two sets of doors into Bay Lower station we will be using one for entry and the other one for exit – we therefore will have a continuous line into the station going straight through and out the other end.

We will have the crash gate open on collectors’ level and we will line people up starting at that location – there will be some signage around the station to indicate the start line as everyone will start in the same spot no matter where they entered the station.

We hope to be able to accommodate everyone who comes to visit us that day.

Harvey Shops

The main repair shops at the TTC’s Hillcrest complex will be open from noon to 3:00 pm on Saturday.  (The last time I was inside this building, they were rebuilding PCCs and it’s time for another visit.)

The full site listing is available at the Doors Open website.