East Bayfront / West Don Lands Update

The materials presented at recent Community Liaison Committee meetings for the two EAs now in progress are available on the TWRC website.  Note that they are not thick with explanatory information as they are intended to accompany a verbal presentation, but they show where things stand with the planning now.

Several issues have been raised by the CLCs, and a revised set of proposals will come back to the next CLC meetings later in May.  The material in these documents is not definitive.

East Bayfront (roughly Bay & Queen’s Quay to Parliament)

The West Don Lands material has not yet been posted on the TWRC site.  I will add the link here when it is available.

Shelters on St. Clair (Updated)

The TTC will install new shelters on St. Clair starting in late July.  They are currently at the stage of approving drawings for the manufacture of the shelters, then there will be a prototype, then the installation.

I can’t help wondering why on a project that has seen so many delays we are only just now getting around to the preliminary stages of building the shelters.  This is one more example of a project with equal measures of bad luck and bad planning.

On a brighter note, I was at a community meeting tonight regarding the detailed plans for this year’s construction between Westmount and McRoberts, and things went much more smoothly than the raucous gatherings of earlier times. 

Update May 9:  The presentation materials are available online.