TTC Announces 2022 Tiff Diversions

Updated September 7, 2022 at 3:30pm: The TTC has updated its description of the 504 King diversion to reflect the fact that the King/Sumach intersection is not yet open. All east end 504 streetcars will run as 504B between Broadview Station and Church. There will be no service on Sumach/Cherry to Distillery Loop.

The Toronto International Film Festival will block King Street again this year causing chaos on transit service downtown. However, the planned diversions are different for 2022 given that 504 King is already broken into two routes, east and west, thanks to various construction projects.

Here is the map of the planned service. (Sorry about the resolution. This is what is on the TTC’s site.)

Update: The map below has been revised to show only the 504B service. It also shows the Dufferin/Queen diversion in Parkdale, but as I write this, many buses are now operating via King Street both ways.

The 504C bus (the west end service already diverting around construction at Shaw Street) will divert around Tiff via Spadina, Richmond/Adelaide and University Avenue. Given the lack of bus-based transit signal priority in this area, the buses should spend a lot of time waiting to make turns.

The 504C bus now terminates at York, but it will be extended to loop via George, Front and Jarvis (another badly congested street). Extra service will be provided, according to the TTC, but as extras don’t show up on the vehicle tracking apps, riders will be frustrated in knowing when or if something will show up.

Meanwhile the King car will operate with a 504B service from Broadview Station to Church, and a 504A service to Distillery Loop (assuming that the King/Sumach intersection is actually open by then). This could very well be another case of the TTC issuing customer information that is not grounded in the reality of what is happening on the street.

The 503 Kingston Road service will be reduced to a shuttle between Bingham and Woodbine Loops on Kingston Road.

This operation is planned to occur from 5 a.m. Thursday, September 8 to 5 a.m. Monday, September 12, as well as from 3:30 to 6:15 p.m. and 7 to 9:30 p.m., Monday and Tuesday, September 12 and 13, 2022. It is not clear how the transition will occur for the PM peak periods on September 12/13.

The 304 King Night Bus is supposed to run from Broadview to Dundas West Station, but I suspect that it will have to divert around Tiff at least for the period of September 8-12 due to the Tiff Festival setup in the road lanes of King Street.

7 thoughts on “TTC Announces 2022 Tiff Diversions

  1. As a former TIFF volunteer, this makes me chuckle.

    It was a complete cluster**** back in 2018 & friends who have worked it since then, have told me that it’s only gotten worse.

    I just tell ppl to avoid the area completely if possible, find & learn new ways/routes of getting around, use the subway system as much as possible & buy good walking shoes..

    Glad to see at least that the 510/501/301 won’t be a total gong show this year because of TIFF (not that they already are!)

    Good reading as usual Steve.

    Steve: I think the most annoying thing about Tiff is its sense of entitlement to take over and screw up a part of the city. It certainly didn’t hurt that John Tory’s wife was on the Board. There is also an abdication by the city and TTC to make the streets work as well as possible under the circumstances including aggressive transit priority and traffic monitors/cops to whip the stupid motorists into shape. But no. We just throw up our hands and let whatever will happen happen.


  2. It is very inappropriate to inconvenience hundreds of thousands of people (over the course of the festival) just so that a few thousand people can attend a few movies or get a few autographs or photographs. This is yet another reason why less and less people are taking the TTC.


  3. I am stuck having to head downtown for work on Thursday, but this definitely has work-from-home days scheduled for all the others. I am thankful I can still do those at least, I know some can’t anymore, or only very rarely. Those days where it’s on and off diversion were the worst and totally disorganised. Why would they make the diversion in two time blocks separated by 45 minutes? I bet not a single streetcar actually moves through the core in that window.


  4. If they had actually finished the short section of track on Wellington they’d be able to use York as a turnaround and make an actual connection with the subway system. That is if they had anyone who knew what they were doing. Which they clearly do not.

    Steve: I’m not sure it’s up to the TTC when each segment gets done as there are other utilities to be co-ordinated as well as closing the Yonge/Wellington intersection. But, yes, this is another “own goal” for Toronto’s co-ordinated project planning.


  5. The King/George/Front/Jarvis/King loop is going to be fun. That block of Jarvis is currently 2 lanes as they are rebuilding the west sidewalk @ the new North Market and using the parking lane for roofing deliveries too.


  6. 503s are operating between Victoria Park and Wolseley loop.

    Steve: Yes, as usual, the info about diversions and route changes is off because on the day things operate differently from plans. It certainly makes better use of the cars than just a Bingham-Woodbine shuttle service.


  7. As far as I can tell the 503 cars show on tracking maps (and predictions) as an actual 503 car but on the street westbound cars will display 501 Bathurst. Incidentally I spotted a 501 car on Thursday signed up for Roncesvalles in between a varied bunch displaying Dufferin, Bathurst, and McCaul. Perhaps a wrong code was used.

    Steve: That would be a car running in to Roncesvalles Carhouse.


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