College Street Upgrades Consultation

The City of Toronto will hold an online consultation regarding planned work this fall on College Street between Manning and Bay Streets on Monday, June 27 from 6:30 to 8:00 pm.

The work involved includes streetcar tangent (straight) track replacement from east of Bathurst to west of Bay, not including intersections.

Also planned are new protected cycling tracks as well as changes for pedestrians such as improved transit stops.

Further details are on the city’s website linked above.

4 thoughts on “College Street Upgrades Consultation

  1. I assume they are skipping the St. George intersection since that was just redone after the sewer collapse.

    Steve: Sounds reasonable.


  2. Re 506
    Do you know the work schedule for Carlton at Church and if work on this intersection will include remediation of the severe spalling 30m east and west of the intersection?

    Steve: I’ve noticed that the overall project which was originally going east to Church now ends at Bay. I suspect that the scope has been trimmed for this year, but will check.


  3. I hope the cycle tracks have a physical barrier and not a copy of the Sherbourne fiasco in which vehicles routinely park in the bike lanes.

    Steve: The College Street lanes shown in the presentation materials will generally be separated by a raised curb from traffic lanes except at locations where pedestrians and traffic must cross (e.g. transit stops, intersections). It will still be possible for idiots to drive over the curb and park in the bike lane, but it will be rather obvious what they are doing.


  4. Let me guess. To show that the TTC and city are frugal, they are going with single-point track switches, and have the streetcars continue come to a stop at each and every track switch. No need for improvements or upgrade the streetcar service, keep it slow.


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