Queen/Shaw Intersection Replacement Begins (Update 2)

Work began on November 15, 2021 on the replacement of special work at the intersection of Queen and Shaw. Based on past experience with similar projects, this should last about three weeks.

Updated November 19, 2021 at 2:45 pm: Track replacement has begun with the eastern leg of the intersection, and foundation work is in progress for the other two legs.

Updated November 21, 2021 at 1:40 pm: Links to TTC diversion notices added.

The service diversion now embraces changes for multiple works along Queen Street West:

501 Queen Bus: Initially, the diversion was via Dufferin, King and Strachan both ways. However, extension of the tangent track replacement west of Bathurst now requires buses to divert both ways via Dufferin, King, Bathurst, Richmond/Adelaide, and Spadina. (Updated November 19)

63 Ossington Bus: Diverts both ways via Queen, Dufferin and King. The buses loop through Liberty Village on their normal route via Strachan southbound and Atlantic northbound, but then turn west onto King for the northbound diversion.

Elsewhere on Queen, there are diversions and bus replacements. (Updated November 19)

  • Streetcar service runs between Russell Carhouse (east of Greenwood) and King & Spadina (via Parliament) due to track and overhead work on the central section of Queen, and overhead work in The Beach. It will be extended east to Woodbine Loop on November 21.
  • A bus shuttle runs between Neville Loop and Leslie/Commissioners. This will change on November 21 to operate between Neville Loop and Coxwell.

The 503 Kingston Road car continues to operate between King & Spadina and Bingham Loop at Victoria Park.

Photos on November 19, 2021

One thought on “Queen/Shaw Intersection Replacement Begins (Update 2)

  1. Sigh, it’s not too surprising planet is irrevocably becoming fried as this – and much of the rest of this track replacement – is failing to do the right things for this greenhouse century, though the TTC/City have had decades to think about how to make Queen safer for biking. There’s a very unique chance to be moving the tracks about a metre or so north and thus making room for safe biking in a high-quality bike lane from around Niagara St. over to Brock St. this gap being acknowledged in the 2001 Bike Plan and the TTC/City knowing for decades as well that the tracks are inherently dangerous. Sadly, there’s really not much capacity/interest in providing leadership on safer cycling, in part because of how thoroughly the carservative ‘burbs (including province) control the core. And it won’t be an agenda item anywhere about how to keep the competition to the TTC dangerous, but that’s the fact of trying to do the main street commuting/riding, and NOTICE OF HAZARD to TTC/City for umpteen meters of bad/cracked margins of trackbeds, and also for all the harms/deaths to cyclists on Queen W. from Niagara to Brock, and yes, there have been two bike deaths near Dufferin.

    Steve: I am getting tired of your repeated push for shifting the tracks and have made the point that this would be (a) difficult in places and (b) much more complex than rebuilding in place, and your idea that pols and the TTC want to make cycling dangerous because it’s “the competition” is just pure BS.

    There’s also been a Fail in the Queensway project to fully extend the existing bike lanes over to Roncesvalles; a claim about the road being too narrow seems very spurious to me, but more like they didn’t want to bother doing the right things, and keep Parkdalians somewhat caged and away from High Park.

    Steve: Again you start with a legitimate argument about cycling and throw in a bizarre idea about “caged Parkdalians”. It has become fashionable lately in some quarters to turn debates like this into some form of class warfare rather than just discussing the issue.

    And for further evidence of broad Fail by everyone/governments, there’s still that strong need for more robust east-west transit from the pinch point at base of High Park as per 1949 study, and the 1957 plan showed a Queen/Relief West subway out to Islington. Having good transit would mean no tracks on the street, and fewer cars, and thus it’d be better biking, tho of course some of us aren’t Gaia’s finest, but the ebikes are making pedal bikes look good.

    Steve: And so at great cost we would build a Queen subway so that you can have bike lanes. It is only a short hop from there to arguments for cars needing road space on Eglinton West.


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