HotDocs 2020 Part II

This article continues my reviews of films from the HotDocs 2020 festival. Part I is here.

Festival screenings run to June 24, and I will add reviews here as I work my way through the list. There is no way to see everything, but in these days when we have lots of free time, one can try.

Because the originally planned ten-day festival has run its course, the audience awards have been announced. The full list is on the HotDocs site and some of the top-rated films were already on my “to see” list. Those I have seen so far and reviewed in Part I are:

  • There’s No Place Like This Place, Anyplace (Number 5 in top 5 Canadian films, number 15 in top 20)
  • The 8th (Number 5 in top 20 films)

The top-rated film was The Walrus and the Whistleblower which aired recently on CBC and is available free on CBC Gem. For what my two cents are worth, I will review it later in the festival.

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