511 Bathurst Switches to Bus Operation

Three major construction projects will affect the 511 Bathurst route through 2020:

  • Reconstruction of the bridge over the rail corridor south of Front Street.
  • Track replacement on Bathurst from south of Dundas Street to north of Wolseley Loop.
  • Track replacement at Bathurst Station Loop.

Beginning April 20, buses will replace streetcars on Bathurst for the remainder of the year. At the south end of the route, because of the configuration of the intersection at Lake Shore/Fleet and Bathurst, the buses will divert via Fort York Boulevard as shown in the TTC notice below.

For the track replacement between Dundas and Wolseley Loop, welding of rail into strings was supposed to begin soon, but this has been postponed (as has similar work on Howard Park east of High Park Loop). The construction periods for these projects have not yet been announced.

At Bathurst Station, track replacement on Bathurst Street and inside the station itself is planned to occur between June 21 and September 5. During this work, routes 511 Bathurst and 7 Bathurst Bus will divert to Spadina Station. Arrangements for the 307 Bathurst Night Bus have not been announced.

5 thoughts on “511 Bathurst Switches to Bus Operation

  1. Would you happen to know if the reason why the westbound 121 and now 511 bus replacement doesn’t turn right directly from Fort York Blvd onto Fleet Street is because the corner is considered too narrow for buses, or if there’s some other policy?

    Steve: There is probably a clearance issue with the abutment at the farside westbound carstop.

    I would also ask if it wouldn’t make sense to have the 307 on the same routing via Fort York Blvd rather than via Fleet northbound (and Iannuzzi southbound since last year), but something tells me that it’s not about making sense…

    Steve: I have no idea. I will ask, but fine details like this are not top of mind for the TTC right now.


  2. Bus streetcar bus streetcar. Bathurst is always going back and forth between the two. This just sounds like business as usual.


  3. I see that Bathurst Street is closed between Bloor and Barton during the track work. Do you know if the St Clair streetcars are going to be able to get through? If they aren’t, it’ll be interesting to see how the TTC works around it. Hillcrest is too small for about 20 cars overnight storage isn’t it? What are your thoughts or opinions or facts on it.

    Steve: The 512 will operate out of Hillcrest from late June through to the end of August.


  4. Hillcrest has the space for St Clair?

    Steve: Maybe not for all vehicles, but they could store some on the route overnight. This has been done before.


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