We’re Not Getting Our Ten Cents’ Worth

My latest for NOW on the subject of the pending fare increase and budget.

TTC’s 10-cent fare hike doesn’t buy much transit

On the subject of just how much new service we will see in 2020, when and where, I repeatedly asked the TTC for this information, and am still waiting as of 8:30 am January 20.

There is a related issue with the TTC’s claims of widespread service improvements in 2019. I will explore this in a future article here.

2 thoughts on “We’re Not Getting Our Ten Cents’ Worth

  1. There is a related issue with the TTC’s claims of widespread service improvements in 2019.

    I noticed the blurb on a billboard in the subway the other day, I forget the wishful words of whimsical nonsense, the gist being as to how they went to Heaven and were reborn in a new likeness of God, and we lowly serfs should be thankful for their epiphany, and bask in the wonderment of their new coming … as I waited for them to come.

    I was immediately reminded of the ‘new improved community mailboxes’ of Canada Post. Where instead of the mail coming to you, you have to go to it. The amazing result of paying more for the privilege of licking mucilage.

    Progress! Ain’t it wonderful?


  2. Not rigidly on the ’10 cents’ but entirely tangential. I mentioned deterioration on the Dawes 23 service the other day in another thread, and noted it was particularly tied to buses not following headway or schedule at all.

    I was traveling early on Sunday evening, bus had a whopping 8 minute layover at Main. Which had nothing to do with its scheduled departure time either.

    On that same evening, I had a Line 2 train with a 9 minute service gap, no delays were announced.

    Again at Main, 3 Carlton 506’s lined up, with passengers trapped on the last one as it couldn’t reach a platform with the other 2 occupying the space.

    Sorry if this seems repetitive, but wow is that frustrating.

    Steve: I recently got December 2019 tracking data for several routes, and based on your previous comment, included 23 Dawes in the list. The results are not pretty. How the TTC can so screw up a short route like this is astounding. Stay tuned for an article with details.

    There are pervasives problem with buses running off schedule, and with the padded running times for “resiliency” making long layovers at terminals inevitable.


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