GO Transit Electrification Study Public Meetings

Metrolinx has announced a series of meetings for public participation in the TPAP (streamlined Environmental Assessment for Transit Projects) for their GO Rail Network Electrification Study.

Four of these overlap with sessions previously announced by City Planning for other projects under review:

  • Tuesday February 16: John Vanier school in Scarborough
  • Wednesday February 24: Metro Toronto Convention Centre in downtown Toronto
  • Wednesday March 9: Lakeshore Collegiate in Etobicoke
  • Tuesday March 22: Nelson Mandela Park school in Toronto

The area of this study covers only the trackage already owned by Ontario through Metrolinx.

6 thoughts on “GO Transit Electrification Study Public Meetings

  1. As a clarification, this Electrification TPAP is only for the non-rail portion of electrification, i.e. the paralleling and switching stations and traction power substations. These are all railway adjacent properties with minimal environmental impact (noise, vibrations, emissions). The biggest potential public comment is about EM radiation, but it’s less than what we have with Hydro lines.


  2. I don’t want a NIMBY in my back yard!

    But do I want the visual clutter and hypothesized negative health effects of high-current wires hung in the sky, or the whining roar of MP-40 locomotives running at power at least four times an hour?


  3. These public meetings are meaningless and a waste of time. They only tell you what they have already decided to do. Your input is of no interest to them.


  4. There is no point in spending much money on electrification until GO solves some more immediate issues. Like the slow crawl of passengers from the platforms at Union to the Subway train and other limited entrances at stations. What is the point of better acceleration and transit times if you lose the savings just accessing train stations and fumbling at ticket sales?


  5. I’m so glad progress is being made on this. The first studies were in the *1990s* if I remember correctly, and GO Transit kept trying to sandbag electrification for years. I hope this doesn’t go back into study hell…


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