TTC Service Changes for January 2013

The TTC will make a small number of service changes in January 2013 that will reduce service on a few routes during underutilized periods.  This change is required because the service improvements in fall 2012 overshot the budgetary mark, and the January 2013 service budget does not cover all of the additions.

Improvements to the budgeted weekly hours are planned later in 2013:

               Budget     Scheduled
November  2012 161,990    163,772
January   2013 163,148    163,242
March          164,763
September      166,289
October        166,799
November       167,119

The numbers above do not include service provided to compensate for construction projects.

2013.01.06 Service Changes

One thought on “TTC Service Changes for January 2013

  1. While there’s a little or no possible route reassignments to newer divisions Steve for next board period, I recently talked to one Eglinton division operator on the Warden bus that he misses driving Avenue Rd./Leaside which is residing at Wilson. However, I made a commitment to him that that route along with Yonge, Bayview/Davisville, Mt. Pleasant, Mt. Pleasant North, South Leaside, etc… to be potentially transferred back to New Eglinton due to surplus of buses at the division and save deadhead costs. Hope my opinion helps and Happy New Year and a safe holidays Steve.

    Steve: As service builds up in 2013, we will see how much of the fleet surplus is absorbed and what route shuffles occur between garages.


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