TTC Service Changes for January 2013

The TTC will make a small number of service changes in January 2013 that will reduce service on a few routes during underutilized periods.  This change is required because the service improvements in fall 2012 overshot the budgetary mark, and the January 2013 service budget does not cover all of the additions.

Improvements to the budgeted weekly hours are planned later in 2013:

               Budget     Scheduled
November  2012 161,990    163,772
January   2013 163,148    163,242
March          164,763
September      166,289
October        166,799
November       167,119

The numbers above do not include service provided to compensate for construction projects.

2013.01.06 Service Changes

Metrolinx and the Auditor General (Updated)

Updated December 14, 2012 at 1:40pm:

Additional information regarding Presto and Metrolinx’ response to the Auditor General’s report has been added at the end of that section in this article.

Original post from December 13:

The Auditor General of Ontario released his Annual Report on December 12, 2012, and it includes a section on Metrolinx.  For those of us who have wrestled with the secrecy of Metrolinx, some of the information and recommendations in this report are a breath of fresh air.

Metrolinx’ overall reaction to the report is much of the same boilerplate about the wonderful job they are doing and how important they are to the region.  In some cases, Metrolinx dodges the questions raised by the Auditor in a way familiar to anyone who has ever attended one of their press conferences.

The report should be read in the context of March 31, 2012, the end of the period to which the audit applies.

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