Services Changes Effective November 18, 2012 (Updated)

A few changes will be made to TTC service in November 2012.

Corrected Nov. 7, 2012 at 11:35 am: Route 504 King trippers which appeared to be a service increase are actually only a TTC correction to a previous error in their Service Summary.

502 Downtowner

Service will return to McCaul Loop operating on the same headways but with one fewer car during peak and weekday midday periods.

29 Dufferin

Service will return to Dufferin south of Queen when work by Toronto Water and TTC track replacement have finished.

504 King (Corrected)

Although this is not mentioned in the service change memo, the Service Summary shows three more CLRV trippers in the AM peak than on the October schedules.  This extends the period of 2′ headway eastbound to downtown by 12 minutes (a total of 19 trippers rather than 16 on a 4′ headway).

Correction Nov 7:  Scott Haskill at the TTC advises that these trippers existed in previous schedules, but were not included on the Service Summary.  Therefore, there is no net addition to service.

45 Kipling

The late evening 11 minute headway will be extended to midnight to relieve crowding, and a new northbound trip from Kipling Station will be provided at about 2:20 am.  These changes are on the weekday schedules only.

103 Mt. Pleasant North

All service now operating on a 15′ headway with 2 buses will be changed to run on a 20′ headway to “improve reliability”.  The change includes adding six minutes of driving time and four minutes of layover to each trip.

Affected periods are weekdays all day to mid-evening, Saturday and Sunday daytime.  Service at other times remains at 30′.

510 Spadina

Streetcar service returns between Spadina Station and King Street with a bus shuttle from King to Queen’s Quay.

Streetcar headways will be:

Period             Weekday  Saturday  Sunday
AM Peak              2'30"
Midday               1'53"
PM Peak              2'00"
Early Morning                  6'00"  15'00"
Morning                        2'30"   2'50"
Afternoon                      2'00"   2'10"
Early Evening        2'15"     2'30"   6'00"
Late Evening         6'00"     6'00"   6'00"

Bus shuttle headways will be 6’00” at all times except early Sunday morning when they will be 10’00”.

Streetcar service will return to Queen’s Quay & Spadina on December 23, 2012 using the same schedules as in May 2012.  Service to Union Station will not resume until late spring 2013.

165 Weston Road North

Weekend service to Canada’s Wonderland ends.