Notes From a Lecture at Ryerson University

This post is intended as a link to the presentation I gave today at Ryerson University.  It is substantially the same as the material shown there, with the following changes:

  • Images from the City of Toronto Archives are linked directly from the document so that readers can access the full resolution versions on the City’s site.
  • A few comments have been added

Some material here has been recycled/adapted from the Public Transit 101 Webinar that I gave for the Maytree Foundation earlier in 2010.

The presentation contains some information on the streetcar system as it existed in 1972 when the fight to preserve it was launched, and with it, my “career” as a transit advocate.  This is not intended as a definitive description of the pro-streetcar position, but as an overview of the conditions that applied at the time.

2010.09.24 Ryerson Lecture Notes V2A