NextBus Maps Vanish: Is TTC Embarrassed by Crappy Service?

Those who have been following the on again, off again appearance of NextBus information on the TTC have noticed that the route maps are no longer visible, only the next vehicle predicitions for stops.

Apparently, the maps showing the locations of the cars were just too embarrassing for TTC management as they show how erratic the service is even on lines with their own rights-of-way and supposedly good service.

This is an odd development considering that a rollout of NextBus to all streetcar lines was expected soon, and the maps are an integral part of the product.  Most of the streetcar routes appeared for a few days, and even were announced by the Mayor, but they were pulled back from public view.

At some point, TTC operations has to learn who they are working for.  We hear a lot about customer service these days, but perish the thought we actually find out how bad things really are.

If there is anyone at TTC with a reasonable explanation of why we should not see these maps, I want to hear it.