Service Changes for October 18, 2009 (Updated)

Updated August 31, 2009 at 4:10 pm:

In response to questions in the comment thread, I checked with the TTC about two items:

  1. The elimination of premium fares on some express routes has been moved back to June 2010.
  2. Construction of Park Lawn Streetcar Loop is on hold indefinitely due to funding constraints.

Original post:

The following service changes will be implemented, except as noted, for the schedule period beginning Sunday, October 18, 2009. 

Of note here are new express bus services, the split of the 501 Queen car into two separate routes (covered in detail in a separate post), and the restoration of service cuts implemented in February 2009.

Construction Related Changes

Trackwork on Bathurst at Fort York Boulevard will cause diversion of the 511 Bathurst and 310 Bathurst Night route both ways via King, Spadina and Queen’s Quay to Bathurst.  This diversion will require two additional peak vehicles during most operation periods (one additional only at late evenings, as well as Sunday early morning and early evening).

The bus replacement of the 502 Downtowner and 503 Kingston Road will end with the start of the September weekday schedules on September 8.  The planned reconstruction at Bingham Loop has been deferred to 2010.  Headways will revert to the streetcar schedules in use in May 2009.

Route Changes

The new 145 Downtown/Humber Bay Express Premium Fare route will operate in peak periods.

Five eastbound trips will operate in the AM peak of which the first three will originate east from Kipling and running via Lake Shore, Fleet, Bathurst, Adelaide to Jarvis.  The return westbound trip will be via Richmond, Bathurst and Lake Shore to Marine Parade Drive.  Two buses will make a second eastbound trip from Marine Parade Drive.  The trips will operate at 6:30, 7:00 and 7:30 from Kipling, and at 8:00 and 8:30 from Marine Parade Drive.  The running time from Marine Parade Drive is expected to be about 40 minutes to Richmond and Bathurst (the end of the loop through downtown) with proportionately shorter trips for earlier locations on the loop.

Six westbound trips will operate in the PM peak originating from Peter and Adelaide.  Buses will loop through downtown via Adelaide, Jarvis and Richmond, and then will proceed west via the same route as shown above to Marine Parade Drive.  The three buses will make two outbound trips each, and on their second trips will continue west to Kipling after looping through Marine Parade Drive.  Trips will leave every 30 minutes eastbound from Peter and Adelaide starting at 4:05 pm and will arrive at Marine Parade Drive about 50 minutes later (departure and running times will vary depending on where a passenger boards on the downtown loop).

This service will divert via Spadina while Bathurst is closed for track construction (see above).

The 501 Queen route will be split with east end service running from Neville to Dufferin (looping via Shaw, King and Dufferin), and west end service running from Long Branch and Humber to Broadview (looping via Parliament, Dundas and Broadview).  I will deal with this in a separate post.

Temporary Service Reductions End

Several routes had service cuts in February 2009 to deal with bus and operator shortages.  Services will be restored to levels meeting standards on these routes.  In the list below, each entry is formatted as:

(old/new headway, old/new average load, number of added buses)

  • 50 Burnhamthorpe, AM peak (10’/8′, 51/41, +1)
  • 25 Don Mills, AM peak (3’30″/3’10”, 53/48, +3)
  • 25 Don Mills, PM peak (4’00″/3’36”, 53/48, +3)
  • 108 Downsview, AM peak (7’15″/6’30”, 52/47, +1)
  • 102 Markham Road, AM peak (5’00″/4’23”, 51/44, +3)
  • 133 Neilson, AM peak (8’/7′, 51/45, +1)
  • 133 Neilson, PM peak (7’/6’30”, 49/45, +1)
  • 168 Symington, AM peak (5’30″/5′, 52/47, +1)

Express Services

The 35E Jane Express to York U will have two additional buses during both peak periods.  AM peak service will improve from a 20′ to a 12’40” headway, while PM service will improve from 17′ to 12’30”

The 41E Keele Express to York U will be created by adding two buses to the route and reassigning some buses now used for local service.  The express branch will run every 11-12 minutes in peak periods, and will operate via Keele, Weston, Rogers and Keele rather than via Old Weston Road as the local buses do.  The service will terminate at York U and will not continue north to Steeles Avenue.  The local 41B service to Steeles will have headways widened from 5’30” to 7’45” in the AM peak, and from 5′ to 7′ in the PM peak.

The 60 Steeles West services will be reorganized.  A new 60E to Kipling Express will replace the former 60E (Highway 27) and 60F (York U) express services, and four buses will be added to the route.  Two of these are restored from the February 2009 cuts, and two are net new for the revised design.  The resulting services will be:

AM Peak:  Every 7’30” on each of the 60C York University and 60D Highway 27 local services, with a 12′ headway on the 60E express.

PM Peak:  Every 8′ on each of the local services, with a 12′ headway on the 60E express.

The 96E Wilson Express will have improved service.  During the AM peak, one bus will be added to reduce headways from 14′ to 12′.  During the PM peak, three buses will be added to reduce headways from 21′ to 12′.

Other Service Changes

The 79 Scarlett Road evening service on weekdays will be improved from a 15′ to a 12′ headway by the addition of one bus reducing average loads from 38 to 30.

The 28A Davisville to Brick Works service will end on October 17.

Last trips from the Zoo will be adjusted to match earlier closing hours.

Weekend service to Wonderland on 165 Weston Road North (contract service for York Region) ends on November 1.


New short turn destination signs will be added to the 34 Eglinton East, 54 Lawrence East, 51 Leslie, 56 Leaside and 100 Flemingdon Park for short turns westbound at Bayview and at Mt. Pleasant.  This appears to be a formal TTC acknowledgement that some peak period service never reaches the Yonge Subway.

43 thoughts on “Service Changes for October 18, 2009 (Updated)

  1. Recently, I’ve noticed several 25 Don Mills EXPRESS buses trundling on that route. Haven’t been able to board the bus to confirm. Any details if they have actually started express service on that route?

    Steve: There is nothing shown on the service summary for September/October. I’m wondering whether these are extras, or if the TTC is playing with service management by operating some runs express. I will try to find out if something planned (as opposed to ad hoc) is going on.


  2. RE: new express service for 60E Steeles West. I was on the 60E this morrning and was looking forward to flying past passengers waiting for the 60E on the old local stops that are no longer on the rescheduled Express route, and seeing their reactions. However, the bus driver still continued to make local stops that are not on the new schedule. Is there some kind of grace period or something ?? I was expecting my commute to become shorter, but instead became longer because I had left home a bit later thinking it would be faster. Any comments?

    Steve: The most likely reason would be that the operator simply didn’t know that the list of express stops had changed.


  3. Will York U bound students be able to transfer from a 60E Express bus to a 60C York U bus at Keele St (and return trip at Founders Rd), or will they be required to pay an extra fare or have a pass to take advantage of the new express service?

    If it is the latter, it makes almost as much sense as requiring Bloor-Danforth subway riders to pay an extra fare to continue into downtown!

    Steve: This is not a “Premium Express” bus, simply a branch of a regular route that doesn’t stop as often.


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