The Agenda on TVO: Sharing the Road (Updated)

Updated:  To watch this program, please go to the TVO website.  The tab “Fred Hansen” contains the interview with Portland’s Transportation Manager, while the tab “Sharing The Road” contains the discussion between Steve Paikin and the five guests.

Tonight (May 7), TVO’s The Agenda presents a discussion of the use of road space.  Is there a war on cars?  Are cyclists and pedestrians asking for more than they deserve?  What should streets be for?

The program begins with an interview with Fred Hansen, Portland’s Transportation Manager, on what Toronto should be doing, and continues with a panel discussion between:

  • Yvonne Bambrick of the Toronto Cyclists’ Union
  • David Booth who writes for the weekly Driving section of the National Post
  • Jeff Casello, an assistant professor in the School of Planning at the University of Waterloo
  • Dylan Reid of Spacing magazine and co-chair of the Toronto Pedestrian Committee
  • A certain bearded transit activist you all know and many love

The program airs at 8 pm with a repeat broadcast at 11 pm.  When an online version is available, I will post a link here.

James Bow, your host on the Transit Toronto website, has blogged some of his own comments for TVO.