Service Changes for May, 2009

Effective May 10, 2009, several service changes, mostly seasonal, will occur.

In addition to these:

Subject to vehicle and operator availability, a PCC will operate as an extra on 509 Harbourfront on Sundays from May 10 to September 6 between 11:30 am and 7:30 pm.

Fare collection eastbound on Queen’s Quay for the 509 and 510 Spadina routes will be handled at Union Station, not onboard vehicles, as in previous years to reduce loading times on weekends after 3 pm.

503 Kingston Road diverts via King, York and Queen around track construction on Wellington and Church Streets.

32S Eglinton West has a shuttle between Eglinton and Eglinton West Stations to handle service gaps due to construction now in progress.  The congestion has been less than expected, and one vehicle will be removed from this service changing its headway from 8 to 12 minutes.

37 Islington will have an additional vehicle at various times to handle construction delays.

35 Jane will have two PM peak trips adjusted to suit school closing times.

162 Lawrence-Donway will divert via Mildenhall, Blythwood and Bayview due to bridge construction.

Mount Dennis based bus routes will be given additional dead head time for garage trips.

72 Pape will operate to Union Station via Cherry Beach during the daytime and evenings on weekends until Labour Day.  The new route 72B replaces the former 172 Cherry Street route.

73 Royal York:  The 73 Humberline via Albion Road branch will be eliminated and all trips will operate as 73C Clairport via Albion Road.

85 Sheppard East and 86 Scarborough will provide service to the Zoo on weekends up to the Zoo’s closing time until Labour Day.

165 Weston Road North will provide weekend service to Canada’s Wonderland as a contract operation for York Region Transit.

60 Steeles West, 124 Sunnybrook and 196 York University Rocket would normally have seasonal reductions, but with the extended school year at York, this change will not be implemented in May-June.

10 thoughts on “Service Changes for May, 2009

  1. I’m glad to see the TTC is not cutting service on the York U routes until York U is actually finished. GO was the first to announce they were doing this (not unexpected) and York Region and Brampton quickly followed (they are also wise) but I was quite worried the TTC would not ‘get it’ as they usually seem to fail to do.


  2. If the 503 is being diverted I assume this means that the TTC really are going to fix the dreadful trackage on Wellington – as they said they would. So far I have only seen announcements about work on Church NORTH of King and the City’s map of Capital Work for 2009 only talks about watermain work on Wellington and TTC work on Church.

    Steve: According to the list that was in the TTC capital budget, Wellington Street is part of the 2009 track replacement program, as is York south of King. That map is missing a lot of other TTC projects, notably St. Clair. I suspect it lists only projects initiated by the City Works Department.


  3. Shame that none of the temporary service reductions that took place in February because of the shortage of drivers have been restored. I’d have hoped that some of these reductions would start to be removed.

    Steve: I believe that the target for this is the fall.


  4. Hmm, so do the PCC’s have GPS installed so that they show up on the Next Bus screens?

    For that matter do they have the Next Stop hardware installed?


  5. Why can’t the TTC detour service around the construction on Islington. The service is starting to get out of hand and erratic. I mean you sit there waiting for a bus up to 30 mins and when you finally get on one, they move so sluggishly. It’s literally an hour ride from Eglinton to Islington Stn.


  6. Any idea why the PCC’s are only used on the 509 route, it would be interesting to see them used on other routes for a change such as the downtown routes i.e. 504, 505, 506, 501.

    Steve: It’s a tourist thing, Sundays only, and the 509 is short enough people will see the car frequently.


  7. For the 92 South, the table here said it would go to every 10 minutes every day. But the new schedule is up at the website – and posted at the stations as well; and while it has gone to every 10 minutes weekday evenings, it’s only listed as every 20 minutes on Saturday and Sunday evenings.

    Last summer it was every 10 minutes on Saturday and Sunday evenings; but every 20 minutes on weekday evenings.

    Some wires crossed somewhere …

    Steve: I will have to double check.


  8. Ah, I was about to make a follow-up complaint to TTC (has anyone EVER had a response from making a complaint on their website), and I noticed that the on-line schedule has now changed, to show that it is 10-minute service every evening. Wow, what a contrast to the ending in the early evening, 30-minute service, of not many years ago! I guess the combination of increased ridership, notoriously bad east-west streetcar service, increased density, and service right to the Beach has helped this route!


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