Blue 22 on Goldhawk Live

Tonight, January 13, the topic on Goldhawk Live will be Blue 22, a.k.a. the Toronto Air Rail Link. 

I will be appearing with members of the Weston Community Coalition.

TTC Chair Adam Giambrone is expected to participate by phone early in the show.

Rogers Cable 10 tonight at 7:00 pm.  Repeats Wednesday at 4:00 am and 9:00 am.

41 thoughts on “Blue 22 on Goldhawk Live

  1. Sad, very sad, nothing seems to change, greased pockets, golden handshakes and morons spending our money in the cheapest and quickest way to have jobs for a few more years. No thought to long lasting quality or beauty with function.

    I’ve lived all over this city, three different areas of Scarborough, North York, the Annex and now south Junction, new resident within the last 2 years.
    I chose the area knowing there is a rail line. I feel the diesel trains pass every evening. The fact that there is a diesel train expansion at the ridiculous rate I’ve heard, I’m involved.

    Having family all around the 905 to the east and west i’ve needed a vehicle to visit most times, the train doesn’t run to the proper stops I need after certain hours or weekends. To have the 905 get in a out of the city and not to use a car seems like a pipe dream.

    But doing it in this manner in changing the a 2 year environmental assessment to meager 6 months, shows me that the Metrolinx open houses are just legal night out of the future courts.

    The commuters using the trains should be involved for their own future growth when the trains start to cut through their neighbourhoods to get even further out of the city core. Because that’s what we do, screw the farmers and farmland and proper expansion of communities, lets get that brand new, thousands of square feet new cookie cut out home, and forget how to get back out of the woods.

    Electrification won’t even be looked at in any serious way. Sad again.

    The fact that one of the leading train manufacturers is Canadian – Bombardier, makes three variations of train, diesel, hybrid(electric-diesel) and electric, confuses me. Yet we’ll give private car makers, billions of dollars is a punch and a kick to the face, because electrifying some trains costs too much.

    Miroslav, your post was the first to read, it really pissed me off in some way because you actually directed your focus on an area that you felt has capitalized on something you didn’t, but quickly forgot why I was. Quoting a population of an area, this seemed to be your decision on what should be and what shouldn’t, hope not.

    Nick, as for stopping good transit, there hasn’t been any good transit, that’s the problem.

    Mark, I actually read your entire post, essay, liked your approach.

    We’re all going to have to deal with it or in the words of Miroslav “suck it up”, not just the Weston community, you’ll see, If we don’t start changing our behavior and animosity to each others neighbourhoods, the politics will walk right on by.

    I’ll try and catch the re-run of the program, it looks likes fun.

    Steve: The program aired a long time ago, and you won’t catch any rerun.


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