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We’re in a slow news period for the next few weeks, and this is a good time to catch up on some unfinished business.

Way back when I started working on route analyses, I obtained data for several routes that have languished on my hard drive waiting to be transformed into beautiful charts.  Over the past few days, I have been working on 35 Finch East and expect to publish some of the results over the weekend.

Other routes for which I have unpublished data are Finch West, Don Mills, Victoria Park, Bathurst Bus, Carlton and Dundas.  Although this is for December 2006, TTC operations have not changed all that much, and it’s still worth looking at these routes.  I don’t expect to get through them all in August, but I’ll publish what I can.

Some of you may ask “doesn’t he have anything else to do now that it’s stopped raining?”  Well, yes, I wonder that too, but my sense of public duty [you can groan here] calls me back.  There’s another trip to Stratford coming up, concerts in Toronto, and planning for the Film Festival.  Don’t worry.  I will get out into the world now and then! 

5 thoughts on “Coming Soon

  1. I assume you mean route 39 Finch East?

    Steve: Yes. Sorry about that.

    On a somewhat related note, Ed Drass reported a few weeks ago that the 39 Finch East route would be equipped with signal priority. It would be interesting to see the difference compared to your data.

    Either way as a daily user of the beloved 39 (bus every 2 minutes or its free….) i look forward to your analysis!


  2. 39 is king of bunching. I hardly ever see a single 39 by itself (and I cross Finch a lot). I’ll be quite interested to see how that route turns out.

    I’m especially looking forward to your analysis of 25 Don Mills and 36 Finch West, these could be great to analyze before they become Transit City routes in a few years (well, more than a few). Keep up the good work!


  3. I’ve heard you speak about Toronto’s streetcar lines, but I’m seriously very curious what you have to say about Toronto’s Bus lines. I guess I’ll just have to keep reading your blog to find out!!


  4. Steve, I will waiting to see what you have to say about two bus routes in particular: 24 Victoria Park and 25 Don Mills. As you know, I am a bus operator based out of Birchmount Division and I am well aquainted with these two routes as I operate on them on a regular basis. I will watch your analysis and I will definately provide feedback from my (unique as an actual operator on the lines in question) perspective.

    Up front, I will say that I will obviously have a little bit of a bias, but will try not to let that cloud my analysis of your facts and figures. I am going to check back in my notes and see if I was actually operating on these two lines during December 2006 (which would actually cover two board periods).

    Steve: I will probably not get to these until later in August as I am just about to post the first of two, or maybe three, installments on Finch East. The most tedious part (aside from finding the time) is to build the initial map to convert CIS data to numerical co-ordinates and then figure out all the little oddities for a route that are embedded in CIS itself.


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