Station Redesign for Pape and Islington

The TTC agenda for May 21 includes full PDF versions of the reports on the planned redesign of Pape and Islington stations.

The file for Pape Station is about 5.5MB, while the one for Islington Station is about 2.8MB.  A notable change at Islington is the disappearance of the proposed SNC-Lavalin building on the former bus loop site, although this remains available for development.

5 thoughts on “Station Redesign for Pape and Islington

  1. Man, that art at Pape station is something else. They’re seriously going to plaster Photoshopped pictures of the old station as part of this renovation? That’s awful.


  2. I recently came across the city’s Design Review Panel. The redesigns of Islington and Kipling stations both fall within the boundaries of the panel’s pilot project.

    The Islington station design was weakly endorsed (5-3) in last July’s meeting. But the design for Kipling, by the same architect, was summarily dismissed in a meeting in January with comments that began:

    “The Chair [Gordon Stratford] expressed concerns about the design priorities for this project which seem to emphasize traffic engineering operational requirements, rather than the broader civic nature of transit and the connection to its users. Indicating that this is an opportunity for the TTC to regain its role of delivering civic places, the Chair suggested that transit agencies have a larger obligation in the city-building process than providing functional turning radii.”



  3. How disappointing to see the introduction of a second colour scheme at Islington for the passageway to the bus terminal. There must something wrong with the blue scheme used at track level which is explicitly not being modified; I can’t see any other reason for such a boneheaded design decision. This needless hodgepodge is just another example of the TTC looking slapdash when they could be creating space people could be proud of.


  4. Eric, I totally agree. Maybe they got a discount on the new colour scheme tiles…

    The station identification charette (seperate theme on this site) talks about the mishmash of design styles & colours and how it diminishes the TTC brand. In a way it’s just mimicking the governement underfunding and poor service delivery. Should we be surprised?

    Steve: I think “government underfunding” is one of those phrases like “traffic congestion” that gets trotted out too often to excuse a lazy organization that can’t be bothered doing well. A consistent design ethic, whatever it is, can be a framework that says “make the stations consistent, easy to read, and attractive”. Even hand lettered signs on cardboard can manage the first two.


  5. One of the positive signs with the Islington Station redesign is the proposal to move the bus terminal north so it is located at the signalized intersection of Islington and Aberfoyle. Currently, it is a pain for buses to get in and out of the station from Bloor St W.


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