Back on Track

I was walking east on Bloor Street not too long ago expecting to come all the way over to Broadview.  As I came to Sherbourne Street, what do I see?  Open doors on the station and the sound of a train rushing through.

I walked downstairs, swiped my pass and then went down to the eastbound platform.  After a short wait, along came a train and I rode over to my home station, Broadview.  Upstairs, I found a King and Dundas car waiting to leave and a few buses roaming the streets.  It felt very much like the start of service in the morning.

It’s good to see the system back up again and “showing the flag” before tomorrow’s commute.

As I’ve said before, I am deeply disappointed in the behaviour of Local 113’s leadership (assuming anyone can even figure out who that is), and reports that they have a shopping list of added items for arbitration shows just how badly things were out of whack with the original “agreement”.

I am going to close off comments on the previous, strike-related thread just to keep that from growing completely out of control.  Please leave any new comments here.