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One thought on “A Minor Adjustment For Your Convenience

  1. Well, at least Toronto moves on it’s transit decisions, for the most part. Ottawa City Council is mired in debate and committees to discuss what other committees have done. The latest debate is whether or not to buy diesel/electric hybrid buses or—wait for it—CNG buses.
    CNG! For Gawd’s sake! More than a half a dozen times, city staffers said “Don’t do it!” But it keeps getting referred back to committee by certain city councilors. I have a great suspicion that some of them are being heavily lobbied (or paid off) by the natural gas industry.

    It’s time to have a proper, hands-off-from-the-city, Commission operating OC Transpo (AND the TTC for that matter), just like the good ol’ days in T.O.

    Steve: I’m not sure what this has to do with reorganization of the sidebar, but I will leave the comment here and turn off further updates.


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