Revue Cinema Marquee Collapses

This post is for the benefit of those from afar who have an interest in theatres.  The Revue Cinema, closed since last June, suffered a horrible loss on Sunday when its marquee collapsed under the weight of snow and ice.  The Torontoist site has a full writeup and links to photos new and old.

I’ve always loved the Revue and remember learning all about “foreign” films there decades ago.

2 thoughts on “Revue Cinema Marquee Collapses

  1. What a shame! The theatre opened in 1911, and I’m not sure if the marquee goes back that far, but it certainly was in the old style.

    I don’t hold out much hope that it could be replaced. It’s a real loss to the city, on top of the already significant loss from the closing of the theatre last summer.


  2. Most unfortunate.

    We’ve lost almost all the old theatres, big and small.

    I miss the Uptown, Eglinton, and the Roxy.

    The Revue was probably already lost to us; but now even its facade has crumbled!


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