The Plan for New Streetcars

Last week, the TTC adopted a plan for rejuvenation of the streetcar fleet that will see the first new cars on the street by 2011.  It’s taken a long time to get a plan that keeps everyone happy including the financial beagles, but this one seems to be acceptable to all.

Streetcar Fleet Plan January 2007

Note that the version here is a low-res PDF file so that readers don’t have to wait forever for the bigger version to dribble down the line. Continue reading

Sending URLs in Comments

Most comments I receive rarely contain URLs pointing to other sites.  However, spammers just pack their messages with this sort of thing.

If you are going to send me a comment and want to include a link to another site for reference, please omit the prefix “http://” or add a blank, underscore, whatever, in the middle.  I am now trapping out messages with this string embedded to simplify ongoing maintenance of the spam filter.

If I do post your comment, I will restore the correct spelling of the link when I edit it.

Note that your feedback will be delayed until I check the spam bucket for real messages if you don’t follow this helpful hint.