Winners and Losers

The election results are almost complete as I write this, and it’s worth celebrating.

First, a huge round of applause to Joe Mihevc who not only won in Ward 21 against all of the anti-St. Clair rhetoric, but won with over 50 percent of the vote.  My post a few days ago may have seemed anti-Joe, but it’s a call to try harder, to question the assumptions, to make our transit system as good as it can be.  Maybe with this election out of the way, Councillor Mihevc and his allies can push for better street designs, better neighbourhoods and better transit service with renewed vigour.

Next is Gord Perks in Ward 14 who won despite two other major left-of-centre candidates.  Gord and I go a long way back, and for him this is a huge change — from being an amateur polician to a professional one, from the perennial critic and gadfly to a Councillor.  I may even have to make deputations that don’t agree with him just to prove I haven’t gone soft!  And to think that only recently Gord dreamed of finding time to be at the Film Festival rather than juggling three or four environmental issues at once. Continue reading