Earth Matters

My good friend and fellow activist, Gord Perks, premiered his new hour-long show on CP24 tonight called Earth Matters.  The format is a familiar one for CP24 — talk about an issue with guests suitable for the topic, take calls from interested viewers, and add some comments by the host.

Gord’s first show was all about smog, and I was fascinated by the number of callers from the 905 and beyond asking about smog issues.  Callers from Toronto, especially downtown, were a minority.

This was Gord’s maiden outing on the host side of television, and I tip my hat to him.  An hour of TV, even with commercials, is a lot to fill.  I’ve done a few long interviews on live radio and TV, and there’s no luxury to pause and ponder — the microphone and camera are right there, waiting.

Who knows, we may see Gord prowling the corridors of City Hall, pursuing activists like me for sound bites one day.  Maybe he’ll even interview himself!

Earth Matters airs on CP24 at 9:00 pm every Thursday.  It’s not on the online program grid yet, and so I don’t know if there will be a repeat broadcast at some other time in the cycle.