So You Want Us To Build You A Subway!

From time to time, people suggest to me that the world would be a better place if only we had more subway lines.  Many politicians love subway lines, but paying for them is quite another matter [see the following post on Sheppard].  The one thing people tend to forget is that not all subway lines have stations close together the way they are on much of the Yonge-University and Bloor-Danforth lines.  The new scheme shows itself in the Yonge line north of Eglinton, the Sheppard line, and the proposed line to York University.

If you want me to design a subway under your street, I will use modern 21st Century design criteria.

Let’s look at what might have happened 60 years ago if we had done this on the original Yonge and Bloor lines. Continue reading

Mel’s Folly, or the Sheppard Sinkhole

Warning:  If you are a devotee of our former Mayor Mel Lastman and his cronies, you will probably be offended by this post.  If you think that the former City of North York was anything more than a bombastic, self-agrandizing Potemkin Village, you will also probably be offended by this post.  You have been warned.

To learn more about Potemkin Villages, click here.

People like me despair at the energy various Councillors expend in trying to make cuts to the transit system that save pennies.  Meanwhile, they gladly support the continued pursuit of subway construction at enormous capital cost and operating losses that would bring their wrath on lowly bus and streetcar routes.

Let’s have a hard look at the Sheppard Subway. Continue reading