Toronto International Film Festival

Over the years, I’ve attended many, many of the Toronto festivals, and quite some time back started to review what I had seen.  This was a combination of two factors:

  • People say “what have you seen” and after you’ve run through that list for the twentieth time, you get a bit tired.  I’ve also found that the most instant reviews one listener can absorb before terminal exhaustion sets in is three, and they have to be dedicated.
  • Once upon a time, there was a BBS (remember BBSes?) called Artworks that was run by Dana Lee at MuchMusic.  It was one of those delightfully old fashioned things (by today’s standards) where you dialed in with your ever so slow modem, and actually typed the posts right into the database.  The moment someone invented software that would actually handle uploads and downloads for you to view and edit offline, it seemed like people were cheating.  Anyhow, I became something of the house film critic, and that’s where these reviews were born.


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Note:  There is more than one Steve Munro living in Toronto and I am not the one who is a very good sound editor and designer.  If you don’t like my reviews, please don’t give him a hard time.