Buses and Streetcars Return to Dufferin Loop on April 1, 2023

No. This is not supposed to be an early April Fool’s joke.

TTC Customer Service has announced that the 504 King streetcar service western terminus will change on April 1 to its regularly scheduled location at Dufferin Loop. At the same time, the 29/929 Dufferin buses will also return to that loop.

Looking at tracking data (thanks to TransSee), it appears that some but not all 329 Night buses have already resumed their normal route south on Dufferin into Exhibition Place.

Currently, King cars loop from Queen south via Shaw to King, west to Dufferin and north to Queen without serving Dufferin Loop. In the revised routing, cars will operate both ways via Shaw, King and Dufferin to Dufferin Loop as shown below.

Because these are the routes published in the electronic version of schedules (GTFS), tracking apps should correctly predict behaviour of streetcars and buses in this area.

4 thoughts on “Buses and Streetcars Return to Dufferin Loop on April 1, 2023

  1. At the loop the NB switch to Springhurst was removed. No loop-the-loops anymore at Dufferin, though doubtful they happened much lately if ever.


  2. Hi Steve. I ride the 29/929 regularly and can confirm that they are already running on Dufferin to south of King past Liberty. Rode the route yesterday and today.


  3. The TTC website says that the overhead work on King will be completed from Bathurst to Queen in time to resume normal service on May 6.

    Steve: Yes, the plan is to restore streetcar service over the whole route from Distillery Loop to Dundas West with half of the cars turning at Dufferin Loop. A bus shuttle will run from King/Parliament to Broadview Station due to track and sewer work planned between Gerrard and Danforth.


  4. This is a bit of a tangent but a few months ago I noticed the new above ground boxes for the track greasing machines at King and Sumach had disappeared leaving only the conduits sticking out from the ground. I haven’t been by the area to check on them since then. Any idea with what happened?

    Steve: Nope. I will have to find out what’s up here especially since all King cars will be making the turn into the Distillery starting May 7.


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