KQQR Update: January 16, 2023

On a day that hinted vaguely of, dare I say it, Spring, I visited King-Queen-Queensway-Roncesvalles to see the current state of affairs.

In brief:

  • All track is assembled and concrete placement is underway for the north gate (Roncesvalles Avenue) entrance of the carhouse.
  • Eastbound road traffic on The Queensway is now using the new curb lane.
  • Construction of the track foundation between Glendale and Parkside is underway.
  • Overhead contact wire is up at Sunnyside Loop, although the work to attach it to hangers is not yet finished.

One might think it possible we will see streetcar service at least to Sunnyside on Queen and on Roncesvalles to Dundas West Station this Winter-Spring. Schedule details for the mid-February and late-March changes have not yet been announced.

At the very least, long-suffering residents of Roncesvalles should get their buses back between The Queensway and Howard Park in a few weeks unless the project is delayed in some mysterious way even longer.

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