TTC Service Changes Effective Sunday July 30, 2017

Almost all of the service changes at the end of July are connected with construction projects.

At Kennedy Station, construction of 5 Eglinton Crosstown will shift several routes into a temporary terminal in the main parking lot. Extra running time has been added to the schedules to compensate, and service levels on the affected routes will return to fall levels now rather than in September.

At Wilson Station, construction on the upper level of the bus terminal will cause a rearrangement of routes including the use of a temporary terminal in the parking lot. There are no changes in service levels or running time.

For both projects, the temporary terminals will be part of the paid area.

At Coxwell & Queen, water main construction will cause services on Coxwell and on Queen to divert around the intersection. Coxwell-Queen Loop remains operational and will be the eastern terminus for 506 Carlton during construction on the east end of this route.

The 503 Kingston Road Tripper changes back to bus operation, and it will use the standard downtown loop via Wellington and York Streets.

2017.07.30 Service Changes

12 thoughts on “TTC Service Changes Effective Sunday July 30, 2017

  1. Thank god all of the routes to Kennedy station part of ten minute network remains minimum of ten minutes. Also they made some sweet changes too.


  2. Any idea why they are not using the North Terminal at Wilson?

    IIRC the last time they did work on the bus terminal they redirected buses to the North Terminal. If I am not mistaken the connection exists still via the mezzanine level.

    Steve: Nope.

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  3. I would get confirmation regarding Kennedy. I am here now and can see no signs of a temporary terminal anywhere from the RT platform.

    All there is is a worksite under the Eglinton Ave Bridge. Not sure if that’s what you meant by main parking lot.

    Unless that worksite is a temp terminal in progress I have no idea where it is going.

    Steve: I suspect that the construction start date does not match with the board period change, but the schedules have to be in place in advance. I will see if there are more details about both Kennedy and Wilson Stations available.


  4. Richard White wrote: Any idea why they are not using the North Terminal at Wilson?

    It’s been a couple of months since I last past there, but I believe they use the north terminal for storing all kinds of stuff (which reminds me of George Carlin’s routine about how your “stuff” is “stuff”, but other’s “stuff” is …).

    Unfortunately, Google’s street view is from August 2015, but if it is any indication, clearing out the “stuff” is not a trivial task.


  5. Regarding Wilson station, given that I pass through on my way to work, they have been working on the temporary loop in the parking lot on the east side of Allen Road for about a week, the bus shelters have been added today, and per the TTC site, 29, 104, and 160 will loop outside, while eastbound/westbound 96, 118, 119, 165, and 186 will use the lower level. The north terminal, while still connected, is used as parking/storage of very large items (escalator stairs, cable spools, etc)/office trailers (that are fixed in place). They could have used it, but given that they only need to repave a portion of the parking lot and install some shelters, they choose the easier option. Curious how they’ll make it part of the paid fare zone as they recently redid the exit to that lot with Presto readers.


  6. Will Kennedy station bus terminal be moved or change at all? Is so, then how will it change?

    Steve: I don’t know what the temporary design at Kennedy will look like yet.


  7. It’s interesting that they are adjusting the schedules for buses at Kennedy to accommodate the temporary bus terminal that has yet to be built and even have ground broken on I wonder if this could end up being delayed? And if it is what impact does it have on the Crosstown line?

    Steve: I suspect none at all. It is not uncommon for arrangements like this to be put in place in advance (there is a lead time of close to three months on schedule changes) and for construction plans to then change.


  8. True but Metrolinx has kept saying that work will start in the summer on it and so far all they have done is dig a whole and pour some concrete in a parking lot under the Kennedy road under pass. From the info that Metrolinx has put out they have some very ambitious plans that unless they started a month ago I don’t see them being fished before 2022.


  9. In less than a month’s time, a long-time late-summer tradition, the Canadian National Exhibition (CNE) opens Friday, August 18, and runs until September 4. This means that there will be increased service on TTC’s surface routes which service the Exhibition grounds, and one of those is the venerable “511 Bathurst” streetcar route. Many people planning to visit the CNE will be taking one of these surface routes to get there and back home.

    When I ride the “511 Bathurst” streetcar down to the CNE, I notice the high-spirited excitement of the people on the streetcar – particularly young families with children. There’s much awaiting people arriving at the CNE when they step off the streetcar. The “little ones” look forward to going on the exciting rides and playing one of the many games in the midway, with the chance of winning a prize. For people of all age categories, there is good food to be tasted and eaten everywhere, especially in the Food Building, and there is also plenty of entertainment – shows and concerts – and the Ice Skating & Acrobatics shows in the Ricoh Coliseum – and there are feature exhibits. The last weekend of the CNE is the most climactic as there is the air show, which visitors to the CNE watch and hear the sights and sounds of planes and other aircraft flying overhead.

    PS. Sunday is the traditional day for Venezuelan families to go out; there has been an influx of Venezuelans immigrating to Canada, with the majority making Toronto their hometown. The CNE is one destination for Sunday outings for these newcomers ( I shall not be surprised to see a few riding on the “511 Bathurst” streetcar if Sunday is the day I choose to go to the CNE).


  10. Steve,

    I just passed through Kennedy and there is no temporary terminal of any kind and all buses are boarding at their usual platforms.

    Hooray for TTC planning!

    Steve: It is not unusual for Service Planning to be given one set of dates when they’re writing schedules (July 30 would have been done at the end of April), and have conditions change. Meanwhile the TTC notice is up for the changes at Wilson.


  11. I think Metrolinx seems to be doing a lot of work on things but not really communicating well with all departments. For example they have started work on Eglinton East From Don Mills now and have removed most of the centre median and have a lane either side blocked yet all of the signs of the HOV lanes are still up. I would think they would be covered at lest if not taken down during the project.


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