TTC Board Meeting: July 11, 2016

The TTC Board will meet on July 11, 2016, with a packed agenda including several reports of interest.

Three reports on overall network planning are also part of the City Council agenda for July 12. I will deal with them in a separate article.

A few subjects are noticeable by their absence from the agenda:

  • There is no item about Budget policy for 2017, as I discussed in a previous article.
  • There is no item about prioritization of capital projects for municipal, provincial or federal funding. A general report describes the availability of money, but gives no sense of the TTC’s priorities for how it should be spent.

Both of these items were anticipated for the summer round of TTC meetings, of which this is now the only one thanks to cancellation and consolidation of planned sessions by the Board and by its Budget Subcommittee. Instead of leading the debate with advocacy at a time when operating budget cuts and big ticket capital programs are daily topics at City Hall, the TTC Board takes a summer vacation.

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