Charlotte Street Reconstruction

The TTC will be rebuilding the track at the intersections of King & Charlotte and Adelaide & Charlotte beginning on March 29. Charlotte Street forms the eastern part of the loop used by 510 Spadina cars at King Street.

For the period from March 29 to April 10 while King & Charlotte is under construction:

  • 504 King streetcars will divert eastbound via Spadina, Queen and Church, while westbound service will divert via York, Queen and Spadina.
  • 510 Spadina streetcars will all operate at least to Queens Quay loop.
  • A 504 shuttle bus service will operate between Strachan and Church diverting around the construction via Richmond westbound and Front eastbound.

For the period from April 11 to 26 while Adelaide & Charlotte is under construction services will operate on their normal routes, although 510 Spadina cars will continue to operate to Queens Quay rather than turning at Adelaide.


8 thoughts on “Charlotte Street Reconstruction

  1. Steve,

    Maybe I’m imagining things but wasn’t this section of track all done up when Spadina was being ripped up?

    Steve: No. The intersections at Spadina were rebuilt, but not those at Charlotte.


  2. Richard & Steve said:

    Richard: Maybe I’m imagining things but wasn’t this section of track all done up when Spadina was being ripped up?

    Steve: No. The intersections at Spadina were rebuilt, but not those at Charlotte.

    Though I realise that “they” can’t do everything at once, but would it not have been far better to do these two adjacent intersections at the same time? The 504 gets blocked both times under their way.


  3. Just to complicate things the City has discovered that the condo builder poured concrete into the sewer system at Charlotte. This sewer goes under King and they’re still assessing it. Hopefully this can be addressed at the same time.

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  4. @Mark Rose

    “Closed to vehicles” isn’t the same thing as “not in use”. During the Festival a huge number of pedestrians are using those streets and a lot of local businesses are at their busiest–including on their outdoor patios. Loud, dusty, heavy construction a block away from the main TIFF venue probably wouldn’t be a good idea.

    Doing the work during the week or two before or after the Festival (to have one longer continuous interruption in service, instead of two shorter breaks) might be worthwhile. I can see pros and cons either way.


  5. Still only 16 new streetcars in service a decade after the order was placed. It is time to either find a new streetcar supplier or switch to articulated buses. I am not anti-streetcar unlike many of your posters but I am just anti-incompetency that Bombardier has repeatedly shown. Even future subway cars should not be made by Bombardier as they can’t even make doors that work properly. Bombardier should be banned as a supplier for all public sector projects in Canada. There are a plethora of other good suppliers such as Siemens (German Engineering) as well as a host of Chinese, Japanese, and Korean firms. If nothing works, then use articulated buses.

    Steve: The order was placed in June 2009. Still far too long a wait (although about one year was due to Rob Ford trying to cancel the order). So, yes, an unreasonably long time, but no, not ten years.


  6. While I know that this has no chance of happening it would have been a lot better if they ran the track from Charlotte to Spadina in the curb lane so turning streetcars would not block King Cars. This would have required a far side stop for King cars though.


  7. As I expected, they have laid the new track at Adelaide and Charlotte without the track going further east on Adelaide. I know that when they did not install any special track-work at York and Adelaide when they rebuilt York a couple of years ago they said that this does not mean the Adelaide track is ‘gone’ but …. I must say that I think that at least the Adelaide track from York to Victoria should be restored and the extra curve at York and King installed to give better diversion routes downtown.


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