3 thoughts on “Tunnel Vision: An Exhibit at the Market Gallery

  1. I usually try to catch an exhibit at the Market Gallery. It used to be free. Visitors are asked for a $2 donation, more recently. Photos are usually covered by glass or plastic, making it hard to photograph them without getting reflections from the ambient lights. There will probably be 60-100 individual photos.

    There is a Tim Hortons nearby, on Lower Jarvis, in case anyone plans to attend the opening, and wants to talk, in person, afterwards.


  2. Looks interesting, I live close to there too. : )

    The Tim Hortons is in the Crombie Park Apartments building, on the south east corner of The Esplanade and Lower Jarvis. There is also another Tim Hortons on the west side of Church St south of Front St.
    Maybe the exhibit will have some photos of Downsview station, my favourite subway station. : )


  3. Exhibit opening was excellent! Great speech by Andy Byford, TTC CEO. Interesting photos and artifacts. Amazing photo opportunity in front of the subway car!


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