Leslie Street Update

Track work on Leslie Street linking from Queen Street south to the new Leslie Barns is finally underway on the last remaining blocks of this project.

For a gallery of construction photos from 2014, please visit Building The Connection To Leslie Barns.

4 thoughts on “Leslie Street Update

  1. I pass by Leslie and Queen regularly and little if anything was being done in the past couple of months. Was the delay due to the winter?

    Steve: The winter certainly didn’t help. Track work could not begin until the utility work under the street completed.


  2. Has Alstom completed the track-work within the complex?

    Steve: I believe so except for the entrance area. It’s not the easiest site to get a view of.

    Much of the overhead is already visible, although in some places it is only strung past the supports. The TTC talks of “staged occupancy” by June in the CEO’s report.


  3. Will the spur line along Lakeshore Blvd. be cut back to west of Leslie?

    Steve: No. It does not conflict with access to the carhouse. However, this spur is a concern for two other proposals: extension of Broadview south to Lakeshore (the spur runs along the south edge of the Unilever site), and connection west via Commissioners to the new waterfront lines from Leslie Barns. The spur is still used, but rarely.


  4. Steve said

    “The spur is used, but rarely”.

    I believe the last spur removed was the one that crossed The Queensway trackage near The Kingsway. Would keeping a spur in place really affect operations?

    Steve: It shouldn’t. There is a design requirement for the overhead to be high enough to clear trains, but as long as the Flexity’s pans can reach, there shouldn’t be a problem on that account. The same spur would also cross the Broadview extension, if it is built.


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