Analysis of TTC Vehicle Monitoring Data: Looking Under the Covers

Over the years, I have published many articles containing analyses of vehicle operations on various routes.  The process by which the raw data turn into charts has been sketched in some of these posts, but now this information is available in one place.

Methodology for Analysis of TTC’s Vehicle Tracking Data

Any changes or expanded descriptions of the methodology will be maintained on that page to avoid sprinkling the information through route and date specific posts.

Comments should be left on that page.

Note that the article is intended for a reader with a detailed interest in the process.

One thought on “Analysis of TTC Vehicle Monitoring Data: Looking Under the Covers

  1. I think that VIVA should run all buses in the GTA + GO buses. YRT buses (especially VIVA) run on time whereas as many as 7 TTC buses can show up at the same time as the TTC drivers compete with each other (I won’t leave until he leaves but the other dudes are thinking the same thing and so no one leaves until there is no more room to park anymore buses at the bus loop). TTC drivers also leave the bus idling anytime to go to Tim Hortons, etc whereas I have yet to see a YRT / VIVA driver do the same. As long as 7 TTC buses keep showing at the same time, all these data and charts are a waste of time and money. Let’s have an article on how VIVA does it.

    Steve: If VIVA will give me their tracking data, I would be happy to chart it. As for cost, I am doing this for free as a public service.


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