Can The Metrolinx Investment Strategy Succeed?

Yesterday, Metrolinx released their Investment Strategy, the scheme for funding transit construction in the GTHA over the next 15 years or more.

I wrote an evaluation of their report which is posted on the Torontoist website.  Please leave comments there.

As the debate evolves, I may post more detailed remarks here.

2 thoughts on “Can The Metrolinx Investment Strategy Succeed?

  1. Ontario has a $9.7 billion deficit which is expected to rise to $11.7 billion this year. The province has a $280 billion debt, and it is already costing taxpayers nearly $10 billion per year in interest alone.

    Even if the government manages to resist the temptation to put these taxes into general revenue and all of it goes directly into transit building, how are we supposed to afford the additional services when we can’t even afford the level of services we have right now?

    Obviously doing nothing is not a solution but I hesitate to hand over more money to a government which is clearly incapable of spending within its means.


  2. Of course it can’t succeed. Steve Munro is not employed be Metrolinx, and we all know Steve Munro knows Everything there is to know about transit.

    Steve: Just like you. I never said it can’t succeed. I said it was an uphill battle and there’s a lot to be sorted out. If you are going to take pot shots, do me the courtesy of addressing what I say rather than simply blathering on. Or get your own blog.


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