Resurrecting the Scarborough Subway

The coming TTC meeting agenda (which I will review in a separate article) includes a report on the technology choice for the Sheppard East and Scarborough RT lines.  No, TTC staff are not having second thoughts (it’s not their decision to make anyhow), but they wrote the report in response to a request from the Commission.

That Commission, frankly, should know better than to reopen this can of worms, especially when some Scarborough Councillors can’t get past the idea that somehow a subway is what their constituents deserve.  In a city that is trying to create an inclusive view of transit as something that benefits us all, this divisive approach is the last thing we need.

In any event, Metrolinx is basically telling Councillors advocating yet another technology change to get lost.

My full commentary on this is over at Torontoist.  Please leave comments there so that the thread is all in one place.