NextBus Data Feed Change Breaks Apps & Bookmarks

On April 6, NextBus introduced a new data feed structure.  The major change in this version is that the stop nomenclature used internally by the application has been revised to match the stop numbers used for the TTC’s vehicle arrival text message system.  Other updates include some schedule related information in the data feed (run, crew and trip numbers) that will probably be of more use to an internal app that “knows” about the schedules.

This change has side-effects both for users of the NextBus site, and for 3rd-party applications based on the data feed.

Any NextBus user who has bookmarked a stop for easy retrieval will find that the bookmark does not work.  The reason is that the bookmark includes the old stop identification, and this does not exist any more.  You will need to recreate the bookmark.

Users of Whereismystreetcar will find that it is working, sort of, while the author adapts his code to the new data feeds.  There is a similar problem with old bookmarks on this app, and any you have created must be redone.

I don’t know about other apps based on the NextBus feed, but if users could let me know what’s working and what’s not, I can maintain status info here.