The “Ooops” Factor in Planned Service Cuts (Updated)

Updated January 20, 2011 at 9:30 pm:

The table showing the route cuts linked in this article contained an error, and this has been corrected.  In the original table, I calculated the imputed cost/hour and cost/passenger of the services under review by dividing the annual vehicle hours saved and passengers affected into $7-million.  However, that saving would only have taken place over 9 months, and its annual value would have been about $9.33m.

Therefore, the imputed values, corrected for full-year savings, are $70.74 per vehicle hour and $7.16 per rider.  Some reports have claimed that the current subsidies are $30/rider, and this is not borne out by the TTC’s own numbers.  The actual values will vary from route to route and day to day, but the average is about 1/4 of this claimed value.  Indeed few of the services up for cancellation reach the $30/rider subsidy level as is evident on the updated and expanded spreadsheet.

The link to the table is reproduced here for convenience.

2011.03 Route Cuts Analyzed

In other news, I have now learned that the service improvements implemented in January 2011 are to be funded out of the savings from the late night cuts.  These improvements have an annual cost of about $4m, leaving only $3m for fall 2011.  However, about $1m will be lost to the delayed implementation of the cuts, leaving only about $2m for service additions in late 2011.

Updated January 13, 2011 at 3:05 pm:

Maps added:

Map of routes facing proposed cuts

Map of routes with proposed additional service (Fall 2011)

It is worth noting that some routes appear on both maps indicating that they have a proposed service cut in one period to pay for an improvement in another, although we don’t know exactly what that may be yet.

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