Multiple Unit CLRV and ALRV Operation

Following up on the comment thread about new Transit City LRVs, John F. Bromley sent along two photos showing MU operation of the “legacy” fleet.

Here is a two-car train consisting of ALRV demonstrator 4900 plus CLRV 4152 eastbound on Kingston Roat at Hannaford on November 28, 1982.  Note the electronic destination sign on the 4900.

This is a six-car train (!) of CLRVs on test at St. Clair Carhouse looking south on Wychwood from Benson on March 21, 1982.  The cars involved are 4191, 4063, 4011, 4095, 4055 and 4186.  Photo by Raymond F. Corley.  (Click on the thumbnail for the larger version which includes the sixth car.)

Note:  I will move all of the comments related to MU operations of the legacy fleet to this post.