Transit 101: Questions for Toronto’s Candidates (Updated)

Updated March 5 at 16:50:  An interview done in association with this article is now available.

Starting today, I will be publishing a series of articles both here and on The Mark, a public affairs blog.  There is a Toronto section of that site with issues specific to our city, and that’s where my pieces will appear.

Candidates for public office, especially the Mayor, should understand what they’re talking about when they prattle on about public transit.  It’s a big part of Toronto’s municipal budget, and easily the largest of our municipal agencies.

Politics by sound bite is no way to run a railway.  In the interest of educating would-be office holders and encouraging them to broaden their views of the subject, my own Transit 101.  The first article asks many questions, and in coming instalments I will address many of these topics.

No, I am not running for Mayor, or Council, or Traffic Warden, but could be tempted by a fleet of Swan Boats.

The article itself follows the break.

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