Eglinton LRT: Martin Grove to Pearson Airport

On September 2, the TTC held an open house to present designs for the section of the proposed Eglinton LRT west of Martin Grove.  The display panels and an updated FAQ are available on the project’s website.

The display starts with introductory materials for the project and shows the current schedule for the overall study.  By November 2009 when the next round of public meetings occurs, the design options should be settled in preparation for the formal Transit Project Assessment.  However, the length and complexity of the line may interfere with this schedule depending on how the project team reacts to comments at the neighbourhood and political levels.

The TTC needs to “get it right” before the TPA starts because that process runs to a fixed timetable and does not offer much opportunity for significant change.  Any “alternatives analysis” is presumed to be completed before the TPA itself.

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