Service Changes Effective August 2, 2009

For mid summer, there are only a few schedule changes on the TTC network, and they take effect at the start of August running through to Labour Day weekend.

Changes for September are much more extensive, and I will deal with these in a separate post.

Bingham Loop Reconstruction

Due to the reconstruction of Bingham Loop, routes 502 Downtowner and 503 Kingston Road Tripper will be replaced by buses.  Combined streetcar service of 7’30” will be replaced by bus service of 6’00”.  The off-peak 20’00” headway is unchanged.

Diversions at Bingham Loop will change from time to time as construction progresses.  This also affects the 22A Coxwell, 12 Kingston Road, 322 Coxwell and 324 Victoria Park Night Buses.

Roncesvalles Reconstruction

Running times on the Roncesvalles shuttle bus will be increased at some times to compensate for actual start of construction and the diversion of southbound service via Dundas, Lansdowne and Queen.

501 Queen

The test of a modified step-back crewing operation will end, and normal crewing will resume on this route.

77 Swansea & 71 Runnymede

Running times on these interlined routes will be increased.  In the AM peak and midday, this will be done by reducing recovery times scheduled at terminals.  In the PM peak and evening, headways will be increased.  PM peak headways on the common section of the route will go from 10′ to 11′ with a change from 20′ to 22′ on the Runnymede branches.  A similar change will occur in the early evening, but at that time only half of the service runs south of Bloor.


Additional service will operate for the parade on Saturday, August 1 on 511 Bathurst, 509 Harbourfront and 29 Dufferin, as well as express buses from Keele, Dundas West and Lansdowne Stations.  The 329/316 night routes will divert around the CNE grounds as described in the next section.

Additional service on 509 Harbourfront, 510 Spadina and 6 Bay is also planned for the Sunday, August 2 events on Toronto Island.  Whether these will actually occur given that the civic strike has shut down the ferries remains to be seen.  All of the added service is operated “at the divisional level”, meaning that the work is easily cancelled or reassigned if the party ends up at a new location.

Canadian National Exhibition

Additional service will operate on all of the usual routes including 511 Bathurst, 509 Harbourfront, 193 Exhibition Rocket and 29 Dufferin.  Overnight service on interlined routes 329 Dufferin and 316 Ossington will not operate through the CNE grounds, but will connect via Fraser and Liberty.

6 thoughts on “Service Changes Effective August 2, 2009

  1. With regard to Caribana, it was announced on CTV News at 6 PM that Island events will be held at Ontario Place instead. That will no doubt have an impact on service levels on at least 509 and 511.


  2. Parts of the trackwork that has been cemented in place between Oakwood and Dufferin appears to have kinks in places for no apparent reason. It almost appears as though the rail ends were not lined up properly when they were joined.

    Steve: Can you say exactly where? A visit and photos are obviously required.


  3. Steve said: Due to the reconstruction of Bingham Loop, routes 502 Downtowner and 503 Kingston Road Tripper will be replaced by buses. Combined streetcar service of 7′30″ will be replaced by bus service of 6′00″.

    Yay! Service improvements on Kingston Road!

    The off-peak 20′00″ headway is unchanged.



  4. I’ve been meaning to do this for some time, but reading a recent review of a biography of I.F. Stone pushed me into writing. The mantle of the great independent journalist may be passing to people like Steve Munro who ferret out information, reflect on it and then share their observations (and some hard facts) with us. Would that the blogosphere were fuller of people like you, Steve.



    Steve: Thank you for placing me in such illustrious company.


  5. @ Scott – Well, the headway may have shrunk, but I have a feeling the capacity would have decreased on account of buses are smaller than streetcars. But i could be wrong on that. But something tells me I’m not.


  6. Steve, is it true that more bus routes will be made accessible in August, and if so, do you know which ones? I’ve heard York Mills, Christie and Warren Park, there could be others. Thanks.

    Steve: The newly low floor routes in August are Christie, Faywood, Glencairn, Malton, McCowan North, Symington, Warren Park, York Mills (including night bus). Lift equipped buses will be assigned to Silver Hills and St. Andrew’s.


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