Metronauts on Mars

From the people who brought us Transit Camp comes Metronauts, an “unconference” aimed at provoking discussion of the Metrolinx Regional Transportation Plan. Here’s their press release:

Metronauts: Brainstorming Solutions for Transportation
Metronauts Transit Camp initiative looks to public for new perspectives on regional transportation plan

With the population of the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area growing quickly, transportation issues in the region are moving to the forefront of public conversation. The Transit Camp community, with the sponsorship and active participation of Metrolinx (Greater Toronto Transportation Authority), is pleased to announce Metronauts, a project that aims to engage citizens to imagine the future and offer solutions for the region’s transportation plan.

The new initiative is made up of two parts: an online community and a series of community events held across the Greater Toronto and Hamilton region between April and September 2008.

Transit Camp began as a grass-roots event in Toronto in 2007, created without official support or sponsorship, and has since spread to other cities. The initial event was so successful that Metrolinx decided to sponsor this series of events and online activities by the Transit Camp community.

The first of such Metronauts Transit Camp events will take place on April 5, 2008, at the MaRS Centre in Toronto. The event will be organized as an unconference, where every participant will have the opportunity to suggest topics for discussion and share their knowledge and experiences with the group.

The event aims to attract transit riders, as well as drivers, pedestrians, cyclists, and anyone else concerned with how they get around the city.

Mark Kuznicki, steward of the Toronto Transit Camp community, stresses that, “this is not a complaints department, it is a solutions playground.” The event is not about airing grievances; it’s about working together to make things better.

Registration for the event will begin on March 25, 2008, at the newly-launched website. The website will provide event participants and interested citizens another avenue for discussion about transportation in the region, and will also facilitate individual and group projects for those looking to get involved directly.

Information on future events and initiatives will be listed on the Metronauts website as it becomes available.

Metronauts is a joint initiative between Metrolinx and the Transit Camp community. The project will include the online community site and a series of community events held across the Greater Toronto and Hamilton region between April and September 2008.

The broader scope of Metrolinx’ planned consultation process is found in a report for the March 28 board meeting.

One thought on “Metronauts on Mars

  1. Ah, be positive, only “solutions” – or what, being stifled?

    Some of us have been thinking that we need a transit solution to the problems that the Front St. Extension is supposed to have fixed, and it’s been about five years of appeal up to the Provincial level for an Individual EA that might actually explore transit options for this $255M project. The province says it’s been referred back to the City, and all the emerges from the City is the WWLRT for c. $650M that is condemned in large measure by its own 1993 as being ineffective and costing too much if anyone bothers to read it. And given that it’s part of the Transit City, I guess nobody that’s been paid to be in charge or plan has actually read it, or they’ve quit, or they realize that any questions about pet projects are career-limiting.

    Ah yes, be positive, and then maybe the TTC and politicians will listen.

    We need to spend solid money in this corridor,but we need a corridor study first instead of Metro-era Edsels. Even more GO would be a better deal.


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