St. Clair West Station Update

Joe Mihevc, Vice-Chair of the TTC, has posted an update on Youtube regarding the long, complex story of this project.

According to him, the station should re-open for normal service in the last week of March.

Let’s hope that gremlins don’t push that off to April 1, although somehow I feel that would be an appropriate date.

3 thoughts on “St. Clair West Station Update

  1. Well, I guess you can’t accuse Mr. Mihevc of having a personal interest in the streetcar loop at St. Clair West, can you? (lol) When it does reopen it will mean that one of the three best streetcar-subway transfer points on the whole TTC system will finally be back in business. (The other two are Spadina and Union.)


  2. Ironic that the catchpa for this entry was Cynic, but I note that there is a good chance that when the loop is working again, we might not have vehicles to use it, as there’s a possible TTC strike coming up at the end of this month.


  3. One aspect of St. Clair West station that has my curiosity is how are the boardings going to happen. Since it isn’t a terminus like Spadina or Union stations their will be two directions of streetcars using this same station. It would make sense to me for the station to have a platform like the Queens Quay streetcar loading platform. Passengers like me can walk across the track to catch the streetcar going in the other direction which can’t be done with a subway of course but with streetcars this type of transfer is possible.

    Steve: I am confused. The loading at St. Clair West is already on a shared platform for both directions.


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