Lost Signs: Hula Hoop Man

One of my favourite street signs has disappeared.

Northbound on Spadina Crescent at Russell Street, there is a pedestrian crossing into the grounds of 1 Spadina Crescent, originally Knox College.  There was also the standard “walking man” crossing sign in plain view especially to riders of the Spadina Streetcar as it rounded the circle.

Over a year ago, someone added a hula hoop giving the impression that, just maybe, 1 Spadina Crescent was home to an international competition — maybe the Hula Hoop Man was the only one still, er, standing after all these years.

Then, probably after the publicity it got, someone cleaned off the hoop, but the sharp-eyed could see a ghostly ring.  Who knows what Hula Hoop Man got up to in the dead of night, a spin or two by the moonlight.

Now, alas, there is a traffic light about to be activated and Hula Hoop Man is gone.

Let’s hope that his replacement doesn’t spend too much time holding up the Spadina streetcars.

4 thoughts on “Lost Signs: Hula Hoop Man

  1. I thought it looked more like the guy was carrying a surfboard.

    And sadly, it’s been gone for a while now.


  2. The sign might be a loss, but it’s great there’s finally a non-scary way into that place, what with the dodging streetcars and jumping snowbanks.


  3. There’s another traffic light going in at Wellington. The one at Wellington even has black transit signals on a boom-mount. Of course, transportation is going to mess it up that it will delay streetcars! Do you expect any differently?


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