Keeping Riders Informed

David Cavlovic sent the following note:


With regards to yesterday’s tragic accident, I’ve been hearing the usual complaints that the TTC provided poor information and guidance to the shuttle buses.  Since I now live in Ottawa, it’s kinda hard to personally verify this, though I suspect it to be true.

All day, people were told, at least by the media, to head over to the Spadina line instead.  I’m sure the TTC said to do the same.  If they did, was there any attempt at running shuttle services between the two lines along with the 80+ buses used between York Mills and Eglinton/Davisville, and if not why not?

Surely they didn’t expect the public to crowd onto already over-filled local services connecting the two lines?  Would it not have been more effective to take ten buses from the Yonge shuttle and uses them for the various possible east-west shuttles?

If you have first hand experience with yesterday’s events and service changes, and want to comment, this is the place.